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"EURO OIL" Limited Liability Company, which was state registered in Baku in 2022, imports leading European brands to Azerbaijan and carries out wholesale and retail sales to the final buyer.

On February 15, 2022, a "Distribution Agreement" was signed with VROMAN N.V. of Belgium, and based on this agreement, it is the official distributor of the leading Belgian "Pen1One" lubricants in Azerbaijan for an initial period of 5 (five) years.

With the participation of a flexible team and experienced professional staff, "EURO OIL" provides invaluable support to both retail and corporate buyers in choosing the right product.

Our goal is to apply the motto "Development, Power and Excellence" declared the values of the first imported brand "Pen1One" in the entire management chain of "EURO OIL", to turn the "Pen1One" brand into a brand that has gained a significant market share in the Azerbaijani market at the end of 5 years. . It is not excluded that the product range will increase in the future and the diversification of brands.


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